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Organic Farm

The Best Food For You

GoGreen Organic Farm is a small organic farm, we do our best to act as stewards of the land we’re working. For the 2016 season we are growing plants, fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herbs. Our products can be found in restaurants,  the Envato Farmers’ Market, the Forest Farmers’ Market and the WP Community Market.

Farmer Market

You can also find our organic produce on farmer's market at These Locations! Click >>





Thing Love Be with Nature

Certified Organic

GoGreen is a 70 acre Certified Organic Farm by The Oregon Tilth and use products approved for organic farming.

Eat Our Produce

Become a CSA Member, visit our farm stand, eat our food on GoGreen Cafe!

Naturally Grown

Our produce is grown in a sustainable farming system that nourishes a healthy ecosystem and cares for our environment.

Community Supported Agriculture

Our CSA Program

What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It is an innovative model…

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How Does It Work?

Our 2016 CSA season runs for 20 weeks from June 1st to October 12th…

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What Do I Get Each Week?

Eating seasonally is a delicious challenge. We grow over a hundred varieties of vegetables…

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1 JUN: CSA Begins

Pick-up for 2016 CSA begins

12 OCT: CSA Ends

Last CSA pick-up of the season

19 OCT: Winter CSA Begins

First winter CSA pick-up of the season

We are currently accepting new members!

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What's in your box

2016 CSA

The farm offers three CSA share sizes for week commencing June 1, 2016. Below are examples of what you can expect in your box at different points in the season.

per box

Small Box

for 1 person

1 * Potatoes – Washed (500g)

1 * Broccoli (ea)

1 * Carrots – Pre Pack (500g)

1 * Mushroom – Button (200g)

2 * Tomatoes (ea)

1 * Tomatoes – Cherry (250g)

3 * Banana (ea)

3 * Kiwis (ea)

per box

Extra Large Box

for 4 - 5 people

1 * Potatoes – Washed (3kg)

6 * Broccoli (ea)

1 * Carrots – Pre Pack (1500g)

1 * Mushroom – Button (1200g)

14 * Tomatoes (ea)

1 * Tomatoes – Cherry (1200g)

16 * Banana (ea)

16 * Kiwis (ea)








Dairy Products

8 Reasons To Go Organic

Avoid chemicals


Preserve our ecosystems


Keep our children and future safe


Certified organic farms meet stringent standards



Avoid GMO


Support farming directly


Tastes better and benefit from more nutrients


Avoid hormones, antibiotics and drugs in animal products

What’s new on the farm

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